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Northern Eagles Touch Association Representative Team Selection Policy


Selection Criteria and Selection Process:


All teams representing Northern Eagles Touch Association (NETA) shall be selected according to this policy with the aim of ensuring that team selections are objective, are seen to be fair by all, and ensure all aspiring players are given a reasonable opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

Team selections shall occur under the auspices of a selection panel of selectors drawn from a selection committee appointed by the NETA Technical Panel.

Any disputes in relation to the selection process shall be overseen by the Executive. The final decision on selections shall be made by the NETA Executive.

A selection panel will be appointed by the Director of Selectors to select teams in consultation with the relevant Representative Director (Junior or Senior).

The selection team will ideally consist of the following:  Two (2) Qualified Independent Selectors (as appointed by the Director of Selectors), One (1) Head Coach. The appointed coach is to be included as one of the appointed selection team.  The appointed selection team will select the team based on the criteria below, in consultation with the appointed coach/es game criteria.

The trials and selection process shall be finalised at a date determined by Executive which takes into account all relevant factors. This information will be communicated to participants via the Eagles website and social media.

The appointed Selection Panel will choose the relevant team based on the below criteria in consultation with the appointed Coach and/or Coaches. The criteria need not have equal weighting but must be taken into account.

In cases where the number of players trialling is less than the player numbers required, a panel may not be required and consideration will be given as to the viability of proceeding with that team.


Eligibility Criteria

All players must be a registered member with their home affiliate, based within the Eagles regional boundary, as set out by New South Wales Touch Association (NSWTA) from time-to-time, or qualify as a home grown player as per TFA criteria.

All players must be financial members of their affiliate, Eagles, NSWTA and Touch Football Australia (TFA).

Players must physically participate in one of Eagles selection events (senior and junior players). Selection events may include NETA Regional Championships, NSWTA State Cup (senior or junior), Northern Eagles Junior Championships and/or selection muster days.

Players must submit an EOI for identification on a date set prior to the selection event.

Player Selection Criteria:


  1. Player fitness including consideration of injuries.
  2. Player agility, speed and ball skills.
  3. Player reading of attack and defence including positional play.
  4. Overall skill needs of team and reasonable comparison of players with regard to positions players are trialling for.
  5. Player integration into team including teamwork, moves and harmony.
  6. Demonstrated player respect for others including team-mates, opposition, referees & coaches.
  7. Must be an Affiliated and Financial member of Northern Eagles Touch Association, including participation in NETA current competition as well as meeting NETA and NSWTA tournament eligibility requirements.


Selection Process:          


  1. All players will be informed that selection will occur based on the NETA Selection Policy.
  2. Players who are unlikely to be selected or who are not selected should be notified before successful players and in an appropriate manner by the Selection Panel or Junior Representative Director or by a representative of the NETA Executive Committee.
  3. All interested players will be fully informed on an equal basis of trial and training information. Some unsuccessful players may be appointed as ‘Shadow Players’ who may be given the opportunity to continue to participate in training and games to assist with their development and in the event of other players being injured or unavailable for any reason




Dispensation, Injury or illness During Selection

 If players are unable to attend any of the nominated selection events (as listed in the Eligibility Criteria) or the final team selection day, they must submit an Inability to Trial form to the Eagles Technical Director by 5:00pm Friday prior to the selection event or the final team selection day, whichever is applicable. Inability to Trial forms are available on the Eagles website.

 For medical dispensation, a medical certificate must also be provided, stating the nature and extent of the injury/illness, along with the expected recovery time.

Players in the final squad, seeking dispensation due to injury, are expected to attend the final selection day. Players with illness may be excused from attending (eg flu, covid)

It is the responsibility of the player (parent/guardian) to provide the form prior to the selection event or final team selection day. Verbal notification for dispensation will not be accepted, unless under extenuating circumstances (eg compelling family reasons, illness) and must be made to the Director of Selectors. Verbal communication to coaches is not accepted.

Inability to Trial requests will be reviewed by the Eagles Technical panel, who will then provide a recommendation to the corresponding team selection panel.

Acceptance of Inability to Trial requests does not equate to automatic selection.

Eagles will give consideration based on the information provided and reserves the right to refuse or accept any Inability to Trial request.

Player Assessment – Squad

Squads are to be chosen by consensus of the selection team. If the selection team cannot come to a decision on a particular player(s) the Director of Selectors will ensure policy has been adhered to, refer to players(s) information, consult with the Technical Director and together make a decision.

In the case of a player being available for selection via an approved letter, that player will not be denied selection on the basis that any one member of the selection team is not sufficiently familiar with the player’s ability. If members of the selection team and/or coach/es can attest to the player’s ability, in comparison to others at the event, then that player is to be added to the squad for further assessment.

The Eagles Selection Teams may select squads, of up to 22 players, in most divisions provided sufficient player interest has been shown.

These squads must be signed off by the selectors and respective division coach/es, then forwarded to the Eagles Board for ratification.

Inclusion in a squad does not guarantee a position in the final team.

The selected players for the squad will be published on Eagles website and advice of publication advertised on social media.

Confidentiality of all selected players must be adhered to by all selection team members, coaches and executive committee involved in the process.

In regards to Open/20 divisions teams consideration must also be given to the respective strength of players nominated in those divisions and the basis for fielding teams. Consultation between the appointed coaches and the Technical Panel will be undertaken to assess the viability of and developmental impact of teams proposed. The hierarchy of teams may vary from one selection period to another. Evaluation of the short term and long term outcomes of team priorities and consideration of their impacts on competitiveness and player success must be reflected in the decision making process.


Juniors: In respect to selection of juniors, Eagles will select players in their respective age divisions (eg 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s). Consideration of underage players will only be done in exceptional circumstances and must be accompanied by a letter of support from the player/s home affiliate. Inclusion of underage players in a squad does not guarantee a position in the final team. Under age players will be viewed using the same selection criteria of any other player.

Final Team Selection

Final team selection will be determined by the selection team and only involve the players in the squads at a designated final team selection day as determined by the technical panel.

Team composition will be determined by the coach’s criteria.

Players unable to trial on the selection day must fill out an inability to trial form. They are not to contact coaches directly.

Any players selected into the squad can be considered as a replacement/shadow option, unless removed from the squad for a particular reason.

Replacement/shadow players should be assessed at the time a replacement is required as to whom is most suitable for the team and coach/es requirements.

All avenues for selection of Eagles affiliate or home grown players must be exhausted before consideration of Pool players is activated.

Player preferences will be considered, but it must be understood that players are making themselves available for Eagles and not for a specific team or coach/es.

The selected players for the team will be published on Eagles website and advice of publication advertised on social media.

Confidentiality of all selected players must be adhered to by all selection team members, coach/es and Eagles executive committee involved in the process.


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by Nov 20, 2020